Time for a Sonic Upgrade

Podcast Audio Updates for Pride Week next month.

Welcome back one and all.

Working with an upgrade to my audio engineering program for the weekly music shows. I have reached a point where the previous program has run its course, and I am looking to do more with my continually improving skillset.

The program is called Adobe Audition. I literally stumbled upon it by accident, it being part of the Adobe Creative Suite Series 6 (CS6) software bundle I had purchased some time ago. It is a major improvement over Garageband, the program I had been using for the first three years of my audio anthology program. Garageband is the Mac native audio editing software.

Both work in the same way, and have many similar features. However, with Audition, I now have many of the features and functions I had now wished were in Garageband, including specialized equalizers and mastering controls.

More to follow, as I have not had enough time to test limitations and whatnot. However, if this one works out like I hope it will, the first program will be a high quality Steely Dan live bootleg, sometime in June, possibly for Pride Week. Steely Dan have been a consistent request since 2015, and looking at presenting it in options that do this performance justice.

If you are wondering why #PDXPride week, understand that the characters in many Steely Dan songs were those on the fringe of all sorts of things and living lives outside of the mainstream in 1974, some with tragic results as they attempted to live in a world that truly didn't understand them as they lived their lives, sometimes doing whatever they could just to survive, with a strange kind of honesty and self-worth, saying no to regrets, remorse and small minds.

And sometimes, these characters were just plain crazy and didn't give a rat's ass. Welcome to what it means to live outside and inside simultaneously. I am certain some of you can relate.

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