Testing other platforms

You may find another Ace of Spades online temporarily.

Welcome back one and all.

I am currently testing out a platform other than WordPress for a client that might better suit his needs. He is running for a state-level political office position, and WordPress, as awesome as it is, will not meet the needs of this client. This includes all sorts of things that will be costly to add to his current site, and since we are only about 6 months out from the election in November, now was the time we had to make a very hard decision on what would work best for him and his needs.

I mention this because just earlier today, I blogged that there is only one Ace of Spades PDX online currently. Again, this is correct, but search engines may still come across this website: https://aospdx.nationbuilder.com/

Don't be alarmed, the content there will be FPO (for position only). The craziness that is what you have come to expect here will stay, well, crazy.

Love to you all.

Daddy Ben Bear

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