The New 7 Words On Television: My Latest Meme

It’s been over 40 years since the late comedian George Carlin created the comedy routine that made him a household name: “The Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television”, from his album Class Clown (link here for more info, link here for a video).

I am often inclined to agree with him that they are just words, and only have power when we give them power.

In response, I created the following meme about seven words (actually 8, but who’s counting other than me) I would love to see eradicated not only from the airwaves, but existence itself. I purposefully made it look like one of those incredibly conservative and jingoistic memes I see online, but gave it a liberalized twist.

Several of the words are baiting, and there is even a couple of word twists in the last paragraph if you are paying attention. And of course, to really rile up people, I gave lady liberty a black eye.

Is it a conservative message? Is it a liberal message? Depends on who is asking.

click image to enlarge for detail

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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