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Hello one and all.

Well, the most recent website is almost finished. There are minor edits technically here and there, but the bulk of the feedback (about two pages worth) deal with the aesthetics of the site and how the client wishes to communicate to her audience.

Here is where is gets funny: she thinks I am going through a not so pleasant experience with this. I told her, not at all. It is typical of all my design clients.

YOU, as my client, are not expected to know everything. I don’t know everything. That is why we defer to others for things outside our scope. Knowing when to ask and what to ask are possiby the two most powerful tools you have in your arsenal.

 It comes down to two things:

1. All IT (information technology) is based on a business model.

2. Web design, like graphic design, is purpose-based. It can only be considered “art” when its purpose is exhausted, like a Jimi Hendrix poster from the Fillmore in the 1960s.

 “Art” can, and should exist in its own world. An example of this is the piece I have presented here, by the artist who’s website I am working on now. She has not painted many things, and this is the only painting she has on the site.

She gave it to me several years ago, and when I asked her the title, she said she didn’t have one for it. I immediately named it “LadyTron”, after the Roxy Music song (link here for a video). In speaking with her recently, she told me she LOVED this piece, and I said, “So do I”. It is “art” in its purest sense: it was created for no other reason than self-expression.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear


LadyTron by Coral Mallow, 2008, gouache on canvas
(from the private collection of Ben Brown Jr.)

originally posted on 16 November 2014

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