To My WordPress Design Clients: Gutenberg (video)

Attempting to answer some of your questions here.

Welcome back one and all.

It is nice to know that my web design clients actually pay attention to the special WordPress announcements on their Dashboard. 

The most recent one details something called Gutenberg. It is an upcoming WordPress plug-in for editing blog posts. It will fully launch with WordPress 5, which should be available before the end of this calendar year.

It is named after the German printer who developed movable metal type in the 15th century and changed the way communication was done forever.

What many of you have been seeing on your WordPress dashboard over the last couple of weeks.

You may or may not remember that all of my design clients have an amazing and highly flexible template foundation provided by a company called SiteOrigin. They have been ahead of the game, and have ensured that their templates and amazing features package are fully compatible with Gutenberg. These fine folks have also created an wonderful video to explain this new plug-in with their templates and other products.

This is only my second post in the beta-test version of Gutenberg. I am still getting used to the interface, and will be sending appropriate feedback to WordPress and sharing triumphs and challenges with all of you as things develop.

You are, of course, more than welcome to download the plug-in and give it a spin yourself. You will still have the ability to return to the “classic” editor if you wish later. 

Love to you all.

Ben Brown Jr., owner

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