Trip to the Library

originally published on 26 September 2014

With my old man Travis at the Beaverton City Library in downtown Beaverton, Oregon earlier today.

Had a rare couple of days off together. Yesterday, did some shopping and went to the thrift store. He loves his “new” short-sleeved pullover. Even the ride home was fun. Traffic was awful due to an accident on the freeway, and we truly made the best of it, just hanging out, talking and snacking on some of the focaccia bread I had picked up.

We ended up at the library today. He also made a wonderful chicken and vegetable soup from scratch, and I made a home made pineapple upside-down cake, one of his favorites. Checked out the True Blood first season. Vampires make him happy. Checking out a TV show about vampires that makes him happy makes me happy. Yes, it doesn’t take much…

This is how I truly enjoy my free time, believe it or not. Being at home with someone you love just doing things for each other is a gift, everyday. If you are one of the fortunate few to ever obtain this, never take it for granted.

Love to you all, and happy Friday.

Ben Bear

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