What's Next?

Originally published on 31 August 2014. Since that time, more posters, statistical research, Flash video and WordPress e-commerce sites can be added to this list. Next possibly area: 3D modeling. 🙂

Bill Florence, one of the founding editors of USA Today, was my college journalism instructor. Loved him dearly. I often hear his voice in my head: “Use action words. Doing, Moving. Writing. Not done, moved or written.”

 I had someone over to the apartment the other day, and I noticed him looking at the artwork on the walls and shelves.

My old man, Travis, bless his heart, puts up awards I have received, along with copies of posters and artwork of mine all over the house. I know he is proud of me, and that in of itself is humbling. However, these objects remind me of one thing: they are for things I have done, not what I am doing.

 Since mid-June, I have created the following new content from scratch:

1. Completely redesigned my website, and added a mobile site.

2. Further streamlining and updates to overall appearance and ease of use of web and mobile sites.

3. Professional photography for two private clients.

4. Five Google+ themes for free download.

5. Five blacklight voter posters for free download.

6. Five health and wellness posters for free download.

7. Started writing a (we)blog and joined my sites with six other internet properties I maintain.

8. Created seven new videos, edited with music.

And now here we are, barely two months later. Photography, layout and illustration: three of the four major items I profess to have skill at on my sites. What I am missing: new writing content.

I have several ideas in mind about what could end being some very controversial topics. I want to have them written, edited and checked prior to 30 Sept 2014. I have at least three topics I know I would like to discuss in detail: Racism, Graphic Design and Free Speech. In a sense, thesis papers of short length. And if you have not guessed already, as with all my work, you will be in for some surprises. I love that people keep second guessing me; it makes things interesting around here.

Unless I immediately find more gainful employment this week, this is the road I am going to travel for the next Ace of Spades PDX project. You have been warned, so don’t act so surprised when you see them.

Love to you all.

Ben Bear

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