“What’s The Difference?” Free Poster Download #SquirrelHill #EndGunViolence

Question: What’s the difference between God and a man with a gun?

Answer: God doesn’t believe he is a man with a gun.

I truly have no words yet again, except for the same ones ones I keep using to push elected officials and the public to end gun violence and bring some sensibility to real gun control reform.

Those words are as follows: People are dying, you morons. Get off the damn fence and either do the right thing and start saving lives or just keep doing what so many of you keep doing: sending thoughts and prayers and bemoaning the whole thing online.

Vote in candidates who believe that gun violence is not going to lessen because you wish it to be so. And, don’t expect that the government or your political party is going to solve this, because they haven’t done anything of real value yet to do so while the bodies keep piling up.

To download this tabloid-sized poster, please click on the image to open the PDF file.

And to President Trump and anyone who supports his opinions and is a part of his tenure: F**k you for even suggesting that the solution to this ultra-violent hate crime would have been with more guns in a place of worship.  President Trump, your candidacy was endorsed by the KKK. You can’t run from this one, and neither can anyone who voted the same way as the KKK did and think we would not remember it.

This PDF can be printed at your local copy shop for typically between $1.50 to $2.00. If your organization would like a larger copy to further encourage others to push for real gun control reform, it is a vector image, meaning it can be scaled up to practically any size without loss of resolution. Just drop me a line and we can make it happen.

Strength and light to the families of all those assassinated at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh today. Telling you I am sorry this happened seems so empty at the moment.

Love to you all.

Ben Brown Jr., owner

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