Women of the Rock Hall Poster Series

When Joan Jett became part of the most recent class inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) in Cleveland, I set out originally to do a free poster acknowledging her accomplishments.

 Much to my chagrin, I discovered that she was only one of 65 women inducted in all categories in the last 30 years.

 Though it may seem like the goal of these infographic posters is to shame the RRHOF into realizing their gender gap, it is my hope that there are different takeaways from this. “Women in Rock” goes beyond some marketing slogan. This is a chance to educate the masses about the contributions of women in the music industry and let the RRHOF that if they are to be taken seriously as a leader and as an institution, then it is time to give a great deal of thought to what kind of message they send when they ignore women artists.

These stats and figures were derived manually, through hours of research on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website and other sources. The RRHOF does not list stats by gender, so understand that not only did it take some time, I may have missed entries on occasion.

What the above paragraph means: lots of hours on the internet, lots of fact checking at the library, pens, paper and a calculator. Real research and mathematics, the old fashioned way. In fact, the only statistic I used from the RRHOF concerning numbers was the total number of inductees in all categories.


All efforts to be as complete and accurate as possible have been used.

 Every time the RRHOF releases it’s list of inductees, very rarely is any thought given beyond performers. To futher illustrate the goal of these pieces is education, I have chosen a woman who behind-the-scenes work is not only worthy of induction, but that each one has contributed to the success of other, already inducted, artists. They are:

1. Vivian Carter, the co-founder of Vee-Jay Records (1980s poster)

2. Linda Creed, an R&B songwriter (1990s poster)

3. Carol Kaye, a Los Angeles session musician (2000s poster)

4. Susan Rogers, an audio engineer and professor  (2010s poster).


If you find discrepancies, please notify me via my by clicking the link here and send me a message. I want this to be right, because as you can guess, I believe it is time to recognize women, not exclude them. They deserve it.

And to Joan Jett, if you get to read this, know that I am 110% happy for your induction. As these posters suggest, there still is a long way to go. If you had not been inducted, I might not ever have created these. So, thank you. Truly.

Love to you all, and Happy New Year.

Ben Bear

originally published on 30 December 2014

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