What You’re Not Listening To Updates! (with video)

What started on this site as a means to educate people for free and teach myself something new is growing into a whole new beast.

As I write this, I am closing in on the first anniversary of “What You’re Not Listening To” from it’s beginnings here to the program I believe is reaching a whole new audience.

An early attempt for the April Fool’s program, my second video promo. Notice the logo isn’t immediately seen, something I changed after this clip.

Now, I am already up to program 56 in less than 52 weeks. How is this possible? I am allowed an overage by the host (the program broadcasts from my sister site, aceofsapdespdx.com, and I keep an archive here) and then utilize that overage. In this particular year, there hasn’t been a month with less than 29 days, which is five calendar weeks, so a program a week. I also have done a couple of half hour programs, and may do two more before the end of next month.

I have become a fairly competent audio engineer, meaning I can make the show sound great and still keep the file size down, allowing me the opportunity to broadcast more often.

15 second promo for the current show, The Weeknd. The logo here comes and goes quickly.

This often means the following, which will happen this month: a program on the last or near the last day of the month, then one on the first day of the month, then a program just a few days later as the month settles into its regular 7 day sequence. Yes, that is three hour long programs in the span of about 8 or 9 days. And yes, this is top of working two jobs, one as a Training Specialist for a non-profit and a digital content creation freelancer.

I am starting to get mail from a whole lot of people. Sadly, one of the biggest misconceptions is that I do this program live on air. To be clear, I do record the programs live in one take. That is, after hours of research, writing and editing, even going back to change the final tracklist thirty minutes to broadcast.

Anytime is good for Otis Redding, n’est pas?

What invariably happens: someone will hear about the program, gets excited, then drop me a line about a program relating to a holiday or specific event, like Black History Month. By the time I receive the letter, I am usually three or four weeks out, and typically have filled the time between with other requests. I do my best to accommodate them, like the requested Otis Redding show that was too late for BHM2020. I mean, anytime is good for Otis Redding, n’est pas?

15 second promo for the James Brown show.

One of the things that has seemingly helped is my leaving Facebook. It honestly was too much trouble for me to maintain, and honestly, I was not getting a good enough return on the time I invested into it. Never mind the numerous stories about what the platform has become; for me, it’s clunky and not visually pleasing. I may go back sometime in the future if I did the program full time for a salary, but I will cross that bridge when i come to it.

One of things I have loved the most is doing something different to promote them: 15 second video clips with sound. They have been well received and have me back to video editing, which is something I am just OK in terms of skillset with but plan on expanding this better in the coming months. Even though you see them as a landscape item here in this post, they are designed for mobile, meaning the middle square section is all you would see.

The Flaming Lips program promo.

Thank you all for your support. It’s a joy to do these for you all.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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